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Freshpress, cold-pressed juice

Creating the Brand

Experience in FMCG design led Dan to create a product he's passionate about – cold-pressed raw vegetable & fruit juice. Branding, packaging and an e-commerce website was created in a style to reflect the honest, natural, local, hand-made product. Promotion was driven through social media advertising as well as traditional print media.

Brand succes

The company began with 100% social media promotion through Facebook and Instagram and quickly gained the attention of cafés and supermarkets asking to become stockists. Shopify was a valuable tool and social media helped spread the word. 12 months in and Dan was approached by Tank Juice and Freshpress was sold to Tank in 2015.

Wir sind stets bemüht die echte italienische Küche spürbar zu überliefern und frisch zu servieren – mit der Liebe zu qualitativ hochwertigen Produkten, dem unkomplizierten und charmanten Service in italienischem Flair.

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